What Would Happen To You If You Were Infected With COVID-19?

COVID-19 has infected thousands, and could potentially affect millions of people, all around the world. The coronavirus or COVID-19 originated in wild animals. The reason why it’s been able to spread so easily is that it’s an airborne virus. If someone infected coughs or sneezes near you, then you have a chance of catching the disease. Researchers also suspect that the coronavirus can live on surfaces. So if you happen to touch a contaminated surface, and then touch your mouth, you’re probably going to get infected yourself.

What happens if you do catch the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Well, there’s a good chance that you wouldn’t feel anything, at least not immediately. It could take two days or up to two weeks before you notice any symptoms. This means you’d be living life the way you normally would, but you’d unknowingly be infecting everyone around you.

What Would Happen To You If You Were Infected With coronavirus (COVID-19)? phobia.tech
  • What would happen if you actually started experiencing these symptoms?

Well, it’d be a bit different for everyone. Your body temperature would first increase as it attempts to fight off the coronavirus (COVID-19). This means you have a fever, causing you to shiver and sweat. These symptoms might last for a couple of days.

What can you do?

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stay at home

At this point, you should stay home. and stay away from other people. Let’s hope you have some food stocked up. Although being sick sucks, you could use this time to catch up on all your Netflix shows. Maybe even some Phobia.tech articles 🙂 (coronavirus COVID-19)

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And when you weren’t doing that, you’d probably be sleeping, as your body would be working as hard as it could, trying to heal. You might think you’re in the clear at this point,

What if the situation going worse?

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But this is when pneumonia could set in. If it did, you’d find it difficult to breathe, and you’d have more mucus in your lungs and nostrils which would lead to more coughing. The shortness of breath and chest pain would continue to get worse. There’s also a chance you’d vomiting. And on top of all this, you’d feel incredibly weak and tired. Your lungs would also continue to worsen. Some patients with the coronavirus have ever experienced. permanent lung damage and scarring. But there’s also much more about the coronavirus (COVID-19) that we don’t know yet. Other organs could be affected, as well. Some patients have shown signs of liver problems. So if you are experiencing any of these signs, you might want to go to the hospital.

How about in the hospital?

At this point, you’ll be put into a quarantined area so you wouldn’t infect anyone else. Unfortunately, doctors can’t guarantee they can cure you. And a vaccine for the coronavirus might not be available for another year at least. But they’d do their best to help you feel better by giving you painkillers, and lots of fluids. As time went on, your body might be able to naturally heal itself from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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at the hospital

But that’s only if you were a healthy person, to begin with. If you weren’t, then the coronavirus (COVID-19) could cause organ failure and then death. It’s been reported that patients with major health issues like cancer and diabetes have a higher chance of dying from the coronavirus. So if you do happen to catch the coronavirus, it doesn’t mean immediate death, but what you do need to watch out for is infecting other people. This includes the elderly and people with previous health problems. But most people will get sick and survive without any serious damage.

How could you prevent something like this in the first place?

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hand wash

Wash your hands! It might seem obvious but it works and is the best way to kill the coronavirus (COVID-19). And if you can’t find a sink, then you can use hand sanitizer but it’ll have to have a high alcohol percentage. And also, try your best to be conscious of how you spread your germs, as well as where germs might be. Like, stop touching your face after you get off public transit. Please?

Now, hopefully, you avoid getting the coronavirus (COVID-19), but what would happen if everyone else on Earth caught if? And a global pandemic occurred? Well, we’ll leave that story for another article on phobia.tech or wiki.