Motorola Razr Latest Smart Flip Phone

The mobile phone was invented as a result of various advances in technology. Modern mobile phones are a collection of facilities. Motorola Razr is a new introduction of Motorola’s mobility. It is a foldable Android Smartphone. The unveiling ceremony of this Superb mobile phone was held in November this year, but still, it hasn’t been released to the market. According to the latest news, it will be released in 2020. The most special feature of this upcoming foldable mobile phone is that unlike the other foldable mobile phones which have to be folded vertically, Motorola Razr has to be Folded horizontally. Apart from that, it has many more attractive features.

Motorola Razr Comfortability

It fits the user’s palm and Pocket when being shut and the shape makes it look very elegant. “razr” is a sleek modern Smartphone, unlike any other mobile phone people, have seen so far in their lives. we can close razr both sides perfectly Flushed as it has the zero-gap hinge. It also has a tacky design that provides ultimate protection to the main display.

Motorola Razr is Easy to handle

It has a touch-enabled quick view display. By this you will be able to play music, capture Selfies, get notifications even without opening up your phone.

Motorola Razr has Duel Screens

These two screens display the same thing at the same time. you will be able to see everything you see on the quick view display on the larger view display when you flip it open. It will also show you the battery level, as well as the time.

Cinematic viewing

razr has a stunning Flexible display featuring cinema vision. It gives you the same ultra-wide dimensions in the film industry. when your mobile screen is being rotated and a movie is played.

How about its size?

It is not actually unwieldy or over long. The screen is of course about six point two inches in height, yet with its 21:9 ratio, the Screen can be also called narrow. The resolution of Motorola “razr” is actually two thousand one hundred and forty-two in height hundred and Seventy Six megapixels. The user can see, touch and reach! its apps in a second very easily with his thumb as Motorola LLC has bottom-loaded most of its apps as well as other essential controls.

Is it sturdy to open and close?

It is one of the most easily unfordable and closable mobile phones with a single hand. It does not make your fingers tired or aching. However, the first few days might be tiring your fingers. But after getting used, it is really easy. You can feel the tension of its hinge when you keep opening and closing it.

Can you see a crease?

A very narrow crease can be seen where the hinge is located. But it is not visible unless you look at it earnestly. Sometimes you will have to rub it to feel that a crease really exists.


Apart from the above information, the below information will also be important for its buyers to know. Motorola razor’s operating system Is Android TM g pie and it has a memory of 6 GB. Its main processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, octa-core, 2.2 GHz. It has an internal storage capacity of one hundred and twenty-eight GBs.


Motorola razor gives you unlimited free photo storage. It backs up all your memories.

Water repellency

This mobile phone is designed in a way that resists spills, splashes or even little drops of sweat get inside. So you can make a call even in the rain without hesitation as it has a superbly enhanced water repellency.

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