What is Black Friday Shopping Season?

Black Friday Shopping Season is a special day for Americans. But not only the Americans, most of the people in every country know what Black Friday really is. If you were not aware of this special day of the united states this article will be surely an amazing and valuable one for you

History of Black Friday Shopping Season

Every year America’s traditional annual Thanksgiving is held on the last Thursday of November. The former and the popular US President Abraham Lincoln is the person deserves the honor of designating the last Thursday of November as the thanksgiving day. So there is a hidden story behind the black Friday. People who got a holiday because of the Thanksgiving day wanted to get 4 holidays with the weekend days Sunday and Saturday. Therefore, most of them requested sick leaves on a Friday which was next to the Thanksgiving Thursday of the united states of America.

Their motive was to get 4 free days on a row. So all the legitimate and illegitimate sick applicants started their weekend shopping on Black Friday.

So the Philadelphian police named the day followed by the thanksgiving Thursday as it created an unbearable noise of the massive crowd which was all over the cities to buy goods. This heavy volume created road accidents.

History of the term

It is said that sometimes it also caused violence. So the police coined this phrase to describe the huge congestion that occurred as a result of a massive crowd in a town. This term was first reported in 1960 in public relations news in America. A stamp seller who sells rare stamps used the term “Black Friday” for the first time in 1960. Mr. Earl Apfelbaum.He has said that Black Friday is the day that comes after the Thanksgiving Thursday and Philadelphian police designated it as the Black Friday. He further stressed that black Friday is not a term of any endearment for them.

Commencement of sales

Black Friday officially opens the Christmas shopping season for the people in the center city. It usually brings a massive crowd which makes a massive traffic jam as well as overcrowded sidewalks. On Black Fridays, most of the sellers start their businesses very early. For instance, some sellers start their businesses at midnight and sometimes even on the day of thanksgiving. Most of these sellers offer very high offers on the day for their customers.

Violence and injuries of the Black Friday Shopping Season

Sometimes violence is very seriously occurring between shoppers on Black Fridays. Since 2006 twelve deaths and 117 injuries reported in the United States of America on Black Friday. These conflicts are very common and unavoidable because people use to camp out on the day of Thanksgiving Thursday and to secure their place in long queues to easily buy their desired items. As a result of this minor injuries and incidents are taking place very often. Those incidents are like pushing or throwing others to the ground.

Darkest day

The most pathetic incident of black Friday shopping occurred in 2008 in New York valley – stream. Nearly 2000 people were waiting in front of a shop and when the door opened everyone broke into the shop at once. A – 34-year-old shopper trampled to death when they broke into the shop anxiously.

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